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  • Roundtrip 1

    Pinnawela – Polonaruwa – Sigiriya – Dambula – Kandy – Nuwara Eliya – Horton Plains – Yala – Mirissa – Galle – turtle farm

    Day 1 – The Elephant Orphanage at Pinnawela is our first destination. This institution was established in 1975, to give injured or orphaned elephants a chance of survival. The visit here will be unforgettable!

    Right after it goes to Polonaruwa, the second ancient capital of Sri Lanka. During a walking tour you have the opportunity to explore the wealth of ruins (including the royal palace). Buddha statues and the reservoir of “Parakrama Samudraya” show impressively the former architecture.

    Übernachtung in Giritalle

    Overnight stay in Giritalle

    Day 2: be fit and climb.
    The former fortress of King Kashyapa in the 5th Century, is probably the most fantastic combination of nature and culture, you meet during this trip. You can expect an exciting and somewhat exhausting climb the Sigiriya Lion Rock.
    The “Lion Rock” (so called because a huge lion statue guards the entrance to Fort) stands as a 150m high monolith in the landscape and offers a unique panoramic view over the beautiful landscape around. Not for nothing that King Kashyapa came here, could he look his enemy from here for miles …; on the plateau was once a fortress complete, from which still you can see the floor plans, as well a swimming pool and gardens. On the way up you pass the famous “Cloud Damsels” historical, erotic paintings.

    After successful return it is possible, before we go to Dambula, to take a lunch break and a short rest to gather new strength.

    Dambula is a huge, isolated rock with an area of about 150m high with a circumference of 1.5 km! The famous cave temple located in this rock, goes back to the first century before Christ’s. The caves (five totals) served as the king Walagamba refuge during his 14-year exile. When he returned to the throne, he built the greatest temple of the island. In the first cave there is an approximately 14m long stone-carved Buddha. Frescoes on the ceiling date from the 14th to18th Century. In the second (and largest) cavity are 150 life-size statues of the Buddhist religion and the Buddha himself. Again, ceiling frescoes found that describe the life of Buddha.

    Following you are going to Kandy.

    Kandy is a university town and former and last royal city. With its location on an artificial lake, near the Mahaweli River and the middle of the tropical wooded hills of Kandy is considered the most beautiful city in Sri Lanka. As a center of Buddhism, the arts and crafts, either the culture is Kandy a place where you like to return..
    Afternoon you have city tour of Kandy and before dinner enjoy the traditional cultural dance from Sri Lanka.

    Overnight stay in Kandy

    Day 3: visit the famous Temple of the Tooth and later the Botanical Garden, an extensive and very interesting park with a variety of unusual plants in the middle of Kandy.

    Our destination today is Nuwara Eliya.
    Along the way you visit a tea factory, where you have opportunity to buy very good highland quality tea and enjoy a cup of tea with a very tasty piece of chocolate cake.
    The tea plantations are located in the altitude range from about 1000 to 2500 m and produce some of the best tea’s in the world. The path through the plantations goes over small, very curvy roads, over mountain passes, passing waterfalls and stunning scenery. An overwhelming experience for every nature lover! Something special: If you wish, you can take part of their journey by train! The driver will arrange locally for the tickets (not included, cost only a few €), brings you to the train and waiting at the agreed location. So you can experience how the locals travel and you have guaranteed views of the landscape that will impress you very much!

    (Note: in the high country can be a little cooler at night a light jacket / sweater is not out of whack.)

    Overnight stay in Nuwara Eliya

    The 4th day we stay in Nuwara Eliya, but it means getting up early. It stands on a walk – through the cloud forest to the “Worlds End” in Horton Plains National Park.
    Horton Plains National Park is a protected area in the central highlands of Sri Lanka and is covered by meadows and montane cloud forest. This plateau at an altitude of 2.100 to 2.300 meters (6.900 to 7.500 ft) is rich in biodiversity. This region became a national park in 1988 and is also a popular holiday destination and is located 32 kilometers (20 miles) from Nuwara Eliya
    The Horton Plains are the headwaters of three major rivers in Sri Lanka, the Mahaweli, Kelani and Walawe. In Sinhala the level Mahaweli Plains is known. Stone tools from the Balangoda culture were found. The levels of the grassland vegetation is interspersed with mountain forest contains many rare species. Deforestation is one of the greatest threats to the park and some studies suggest that it is caused by a natural phenomenon.
    The sheer precipice of World’s End and Baker’s Falls are the tourist attractions of the park.

    In the afternoon you will have a small city tour. Discover the many buildings from the British colonial time, as example the post office of Nuwara Eliya, take a walk through the market and enjoy the hustle of this small town.

    Overnight stay in Nuwara Eliya

    On Day 5 we are on our way out of 2000m leads to the southeast coast of Sri Lanka
    The journey leads to the southeast of the country with a natural vegetation, where three zones succeed each other, through forests and passing the tea and rubber plantations and waterfalls.
    Continues through jungle areas where there are national parks like Bundula and we get to our destination Tissamaharama.
    Tissamaharama known as a starting point for the safari in Yala National Park is our goal.
    In the afternoon enjoy a jeep safari in the Yala National Park.
    Discover the diversity of animal life of Sri Lankan elephants, deer, wild boar, water buffalo, crocodiles, peacocks and leopards, and the numerous bird species.

    Overnight stay in Tissamaharama

    Day 6 promises to be a relaxing break. Along the south coast we will bring you to Mirissa, one of the most beautiful bays in Sri Lanka to stay and swim. Enjoy the sea and the beach before the next day goes on.

    Overnight stay in Mirissa

    The last and 7th day continues along the south coast to Galle.
    Galle has reminded the Sri Lanka’s second largest port and the architecture of the period of Dutch colonial period. You will visit the Dutch Fort and take a walk at the lighthouse.
    On the move away you can visit a turtle farm in Bentota. It explains how turtles are reared and then released back into the wild. A few turtles remain on the farm, because they would not survive in the wild, like the albino turtles. Just touch

    Back in your hotel, we hope that you enjoyed the tour of culture and history, nature and adventure and you will long be remembered.

    Sri Lanka is a land to discover.

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